Bollywood Kitchen Gift-Set


The perfect gift for all the Bollywood lovers in your life!

Enjoy a movie and a dinner, the Bollywood way. Cook your way through the book Bollywood Kitchen with a set of essential organic spices that author Sri Rao has selected himself, and a Sling TV promotional coupon to be able to watch all your favorite Bollywood movies at Sling TV.


1. Bollywood Kitchen (hard-cover)

2. Sling TV promotional coupon

3. Organic essential spices:

i) Cumin powder (0.60 oz)

ii) Coriander powder (0.60 oz)

iii) Turmeric powder (0.60 oz)

iv) Chili powder (0.60 oz)

v) Cinnamon powder (0.60 oz) and

vi) Black mustard seeds (0.60 oz)