Organic Amchoor Powder (2.25 oz)


Appearance: A fine powder that varies in color from beige to light brown. 

Typically used: Powdered 

Origin: Unripe, green mangoes are harvested, peeled, sliced, and sun-dried. The woody strips of dried mango are then finely grown into the amchoor powder. 

Flavor: Bright, citrusy, bold, fruity, tart, tangy 

Culinary uses: Amchoor is used to brighten foods with a burst of acidity and fruity flavor without adding liquid (in comparison to lemon juice, vinegar, or tamarind). It can be used to tenderize meat and poultry and is an excellent seasoning in marinades, as well as soups, curries, and chutneys. 

Other uses: Add the nutritional value and flavor of the mango fruit when it is not in season.