Organic Fennel Seeds (1.3 oz)


Other names: Shatapushpa 

Appearance: The color of the seed varies from brown to light green. 

Typically used: Whole, but can also be used ground 

Origin: Fennel originated in the Mediteranean and today is a mainstay in India cuisine. 

Flavor: The taste is reminiscent of anise, and some compare it to an herbal type of licorice. 

Aroma: It has a sweet, fragrant aroma. 

Culinary uses: Fennels seeds is delicious in most fish and seafood dishes, and is a part in some curry powders. The seeds can be used whole or ground. It is best to grind the seeds immediately before use, but busy chefs may grind ahead of time and keep the spice in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container.